it's a ball

it's a ball

Friday, April 15, 2016


The second album released by - Hidden Charms Records - of The Netherlands.

Various - Every Day In The Week - Vol. 2

(rare African-American 78 rpm recordings 1927-1935).

A double (2x vinyl) album in a gatefold sleeve compiling 28 tracks recorded between 1927 and 1935.
The album comes with a 12 page full color booklet with liner notes/research by Alex Van Der Tuuk.
Every Day In The Week Vol. 2 is like the first volume, a showcase of the eclectic and diverse African-American music styles recorded in the pre-World War Two era.This series does not focus on a single style, artist or region, it's more like one was entering a party in 1935 and everybody was putting their favorite records on the gramophone be it either dance tracks or slow songs.

From Blues to Hot Jazz and from Gospel to String Bands with Songsters, Jug Bands and Barrelhouse Pianists.

All recordings used were specially recorded from the original 78 rpm discs for this very album.
original 78s from the collections of Pete Whelan, Terry Zwigoff, Sherwin Dunner and Hidden Charms Records.

email: for availability in your area


A.1 Charlie Lincoln - Country Breakdown
A.2 The Two Poor Boys - Take A Look At That Baby
A.3 Mae Glover - Shake it Daddy
A.4 Sam Morgan's Jazz Band - Short Dress Gal
A.5 Chicken Wilson Skeeter Hinton - Myrtle Avenue Stomp
A.6 James Cole's Washboard Four - Sweet Lizzie
A.7 Jabo Williams - Pratt City Blues

B.1 Dallas String Band - So Tired
B.2 Johnnie Head- Fare Thee Blues-part 1
B.3 Willie Baker - Rag Baby
B.4 Henry Son Sims - Be True Be True Blues
B.5 Teddy Darby - Built Right On the Ground
B.6 Buddy Moss - Hard Times Blues
B.7 Johnson Nelson Porkchop - In The Mornin'

C.1 Perry And His Stomp Band - Ash Can Stomp
C.2 Dixie Four - Kentucky Stomp
C.3 Tub Jug Washboard Band – San
C.4 King David's Jug Band - Tear It Down
C.5 Blythe and Burton - Dustin' The Key
C.6 Sylvester Palmer - Do It Sloppy
C.7 Bee Turner - Rough Treatin' Daddy

D.1 Johnny Temple - The Evil Devil Blues
D.2 Marshall Owens - Try Me One More Time
D.3 Buddy Boy Hawkins - Voice Throwin' Blues
D.4 Daniels & Torrance - I'm Goin' To Tell God How You Doin'
D.5 Slim Duckett And Pig Norwood - I Want To Go Where Jesus Is
D.6 Stump Johnson ( as Snitcher Roberts ) - Snitcher's Blues
D.7 Willie Jackson - Long Time Men

Have a listen to samples of both LPs in these two clips here:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some new *Hidden Charms* 78 rpm Videos up on Youtube

Here's a little update, I made some videos to some of the 78s I already posted and some New 78s not yet to be found on the Blog. All these are from the *Hidden Charms Records* collection. Enjoy !

If you click on the text in the uper left corner of the videos you'll go to the Youtube page and you can read some of the info that go with the videos.

Some bigger updates the comming week!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The LP is out now!

Took a while to update folks! busy with getting the LP out.

But HIDDEN CHARMS Record's first LP: EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK Vol. 1 is out now.

If you will do check these two Youtube promo clips I have made so you can listen to 30/40 second samples of the LP.

To get your copy of the record mail me at: HIDDENCHARMS-RECORDS@HOTMAIL.COM


Thursday, December 1, 2011

LP related 78s for download

 ****As a bonus I will include some B-sides and related 78s not on the LP, as a teaser to the record, all 5 tracks are in “Wav” format so should sound fine but take a little longer to download. ****  NOTE: All 78s posted on this Blog are NOT on the LP and are in some cases not half as exiting as the tracks used on the LP. 
The first 78 is the flip side to the Henry Brown track on the LP (Stomp Em’ Down To The Bricks). The 78 Brunswick # 7086 was the first record released by Henry Brown in 1929 he would shortly after wax a couple of discs for the Paramount label (1929-1930). The flip side was not released as by Henry Brown but the credit on the disc went to Trombonist Ike Rodgers (read the great new info on Rodgers unearthed by Alex Van Der Tuuk in the booklet accompanying the Hidden Charms LP).  Recorded in Chicago in May 1929 IKE RODGERS AND HIS BIDDLE STREET BOYS play a great slow blues called “MALT CAN STOMP”, with Henry Brown on Piano, Papa Eggshell on guitar. I think any recording featuring the raw Gut-Bucked Trombone by Ike Rodgers ever recorded is worth looking for, and the same goes for Henry Brown. 
The second track is the flip side to the stompin’ Bumble Bee Slim track on the LP (Greasy Greens). It’s a slow tune like the Henry Brown flip, but great none the less. Recorded in the mid of the Great depression.  In March of 1932 BUMBLE BEE SLIM together with pianist Myrtle Jenkins and guitarist Willie Bee James went in to the Vocalion New York studio to record “I’M WAITIN’ ON YOU”.
The 3rd track is by good old Big Bill Broonzy who’s does some killer guitar accompanying on the Hidden Charms LP (he’s heard on the extremely rare 1931 Paramount related Crown 78 by The Harum Scarums). But here’s a track he recorded for Bluebird records in 1935 released under his BIG BILL moniker. The song is called “THE SOUTHERN BLUES”  
Bobby Leecan and Robert Cooksey were multi instrumentalist buddies who recorded together under various names in the 20’s. On some recordings only one of the two pals played, as can be heard from the recording resented here by a duo called MARTIN AND ROBERT (not to be confused with the Country duo “Martin and Roberts” who recorded in the 30’s). On Hidden Charms LP-001 there’s an up-tempo  String Band monster by Bobby Leecan’s Need-More Band but the (Alfred ) Martin and Robert (Cooksey) track presented here is a more mellow but charming little instrumental called “SOUTH STREET BLUES”. Alex Van Der Tuuk has some great new info on Leecan’s Need-More Band on the LP. 
And the last 78 download is the flip side to Tampa Red’s Hokum Jug Band Vocalion recording “You Rascal You” that can be heard on the LP. Recorded in 1930 “You Rascal You” is a fantastic Hokum party track while the B-side on this download is once again a slow track called “SHE CAN LOVE SO GOOD”. Frankie “Half-Pint” Jaxon is the singer on these Hokum Jug Band sides and he makes it sound very dirty and naughty (just as the people like it, Fankie)
So! Do keep in mind that all 5 tracks are NOT on the first HIDDEN CHARMS records LP that’s coming out in early 2012 but are presented as little extras accompanying the LP. The downloads are also not nearly as Hot, Stompin’ and Exciting as the tracks we kept for the record.

Download all 5 tracks here:

About Hidden Charms Records First LP release

Hey folks! Here’s some info about the First *HIDDEN CHARMS records* LP “to be released in early 2012 titled “EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK vol. 1:
“Every Day in the Week” is not a study into a certain region or style of pre-war African-American music. This LP merely brings together a group of damn fine Jazz and Blues recordings that make for a musically divers and interesting listening experience. The 14 superb songs presented were recorded between 1927 And 1933 and feature the cream of the crop of Barrelhouse piano, Country Blues, Jug Bands, Hokum groups, Hot Jazz orchestras and Medicine Show songsters ……….yes people, all the good stuff !!! 
Appearing on the record are pioneering Chicago guitar maestro’s Big Bill Broonzy and Tampa Red both accompanied by pianist and future “Father of Gospel” Georgia Tom Dorsey. There’s amazing Jug Bands recorded in one of the hotbeds of 1920s and 30’s Jug Band music Memphis, Tennessee. Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers do their superb “Viola Lee Blues” and Jack Kelly’s South Memphis Jug Band can be heard on the rare Highway No. 61 Blues #2. From Chicago there’s raw Gut-bucket Jazz by King Oliver’s nephew Dave Nelson backed by his Paramount Serenaders.  And there’s some mean and dirty washboard Jazz performed by The Memphis Night Hawks featuring legendary trombonist Roy Palmer. Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley perform their beautiful “Every Day Of The Week” and tough female blues singer Lucille Bogan complains about her no good man on “Pot Hound Blues” with Cow Cow Davenport providing the excellent piano part. For more Piano Blues we turn our heads to Piano Mecca St Louis where Barrelhouse kings Henry Brown and twin brothers Pinetop and Lindberg resided. Bobby Leecan’s Need-More Band do their all-time dance classic Washboard Cut-Out, a joyous tour de force of masterful String picking. James “Boodle-it” Wiggins, possibly from Texas does the very first version of a song made famous by Little Richard.  Kansas City Kitty’s ‘You Got That Stuff’ is about bootleg-liquor, while Bumble Bee Slim declares his love for them good old Greasy Greens.
All recordings have been transferred directly from the original rare 78 rpm records and were expertly cleaned, hopefully providing you an enjoyable listening experience. Some of the recordings on this LP have been reissued before, but I think not often sounding as fresh as presented here.
Alex Van Der Tuuk’s liner notes are filled with new and original research, which will be of interest to the casual reader as well as the hardcore blues fans and scholars/researchers.  I hope the newly provided info will lead to more information and discoveries about some of the featured artists.
I’ll keep ya’ll updated on the release.

Here’s the track list for the LP
Side A.

Harum Scarums - Come On In (Ain't nobody here but me)  -Crown  1931
Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band - You Rascal You  -Vocalion  1930                                   
Bobbie Leecan's Need-More Band - Wash-board Cut Out  -Victor  1927
Bumble Bee Slim - Greasy Greens  -Vocalion  1932      
Memphis Night Hawks - Come On In, Baby  -Vocalion  1932  
Kansas City Kitty and Georgia Tom - You Got That Stuff  -Vocalion  1930
Jack Kelly & his South Memphis Jug Band - Highway 61 Blues No.2  -Banner  1933  
Side B.
Boodle-It Wiggins - Keep A Knockin' An You Can't Get In  -Paramount  1928
Henry Brown - Stomp 'Em Down To The Bricks  -Brunswick  1929
Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley - Every Day in the Week Blues  -Columbia  1928
Lucille Bogan - Pot Hound Blues  -Brunswick  1929
Cannon's Jug Stompers - Viola Lee Blues  -Victor  1928
Nelson's Paramount Serenaders - Nelson Blues  -Paramount  1927
Pinetop & Lindberg – 4-11-44  -Victor  1932

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Five great 78s for ya'll to download

Here are five sides from five musically different 78s there's a black String Band, a white String Band a Jug Band an Irish master fiddler and a nice little Blues track about fishing.
All tracks are Wav files so they should sound pretty good! but take a little longer to download than mp3 files.

Aiken County String Band - Carolina Stompdown (Okeh # 45153)
Click here to download:

Bumble Bee Slim - Everybody's Fishing (Bluebird # 6521)
Click here to download:

Dallas String Band - Chasin' Rainbows (Columbia # 14410-D)
Click here to download:

James Morrison - Dunphy's Hornpipe-Flowers Of Ballymote (Green label Columbia Irish series # 33422-F)
Click here to download:

Memphis Jug Band - A Black Woman Is Like A Black Snake (Victor # 38015)
Click here to download: